Is this rocking chair knits hats... a process chair, or a product one?

Is this rocking chair that knits hats… a process chair, or a product one?

This knitting swing-chair got me thinking. I knit ’causeI love knitting. While it’s always nice to sit out on a rocker reading your paper on a pleasant day, it wold be even better to have yarn and needles in hand. As neat and geekery as this swing is (and I love knitting geekery, don’t get me wrong) it defeats the purpose of knitting altogether.

I am almost exclusively a  process knitter. I can’t wait to get to that “Aaah” (I know you know what I’m talking about.) That moment when you release into the flow of the work, feel the Zen of the motion relax from your fingertips through your body;. feel the strain of life start to dissolve to the rhythm.

I think on some level all knitaholics are process knitters.  It is, in the end, what fuels our addiction, like nicotine for smokers. It is an endorphin high but in a much healthier way. I’ll bet if someone did a study, they’d find that knitters produce endorphins while knitting. (If anyone knows of such a study, I’d love to hear about it.)

Knitaholics instinctively understand the therapeutic nature of the craft. And like me, you probably have deeper reasons behind your obsession. Knitting, I believe, saves lives.

So, are you a process or a product knitter? Please leave a comment below, I’d love to know.


3 Responses to Process vs. Product

  1. I totally agree with you – to me it would totally defeat the purpose of knitting. I am certainly not knitting to make something. I love that I make something, but the main reason is that it calmes me down! :-)
    If I would be knitting for the end-product I would be a really bad knitter though. I must be the slowest knitter on earth. This used to bug me alot. Until I realized, it really does not matter how quickly something is done as it is the process of knitting that counts!!! :-)



    P.S. Sorry the last comment was sent to early.

    • Sharon says:

      Hi Ursula,
      “it calmes me down!”
      Exactly! Knitting is meditative. And the speed at which one meditates is irrelevant! :)

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